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Godly choices in tough issues
 "ponder the path of your feet" Proverbs 4 v26

In every age, varied voices call God’s people to step off the path of obedience.  To live faithfully, we must face big questions about tough issues with a clear understanding of how we know right from wrong and good from evil. We must ponder the path of our feet.


Straight Paths is a foundational course on ethics produced and delivered by medic, pastor and theologian Dr Paul Coulter (director of CCS).  It proposes a framework for decision-making and tests the theory by exploring challenging subjects.

The course comprises five two-hour sessions, each including thought-exercises, discussion questions and space for questions.  Each session could be taught on a single evening.

SESSION 1 - Charting the Journey: how to choose where it’s safe to tread

  • A tour of schools of ethics

  • Roots, shoots and fruits in biblical ethics


SESSION 2 - Life’s First Steps: issues at the beginning of life

  • The status of the embryo

  • Contraception and fertility treatments


SESSION 3 - Finding Your Stride: questions of identity

  • On authenticity and autonomy

  • Gender, sex and sexuality

SESSION 4 - At the Crossroads: life's biggest choices

  • Marriage and singleness

  • Money and career


SESSION 5 - Life's Final Steps: issues at the end of life

  • Is it ever right to end a life?

  • Facing death faithfully

Each session can also be delivered as a stand-alone seminar lasting two hours or tailored into a single one-hour seminar.

You can enquire about hosting Paul to deliver the Straight Paths course or a seminar on any of the session themes by clicking below.

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