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A learning community in Belfast equipping Christians for clarity and confidence in Christ-centred conversations


Occasional Tuesday evenings 7.30 to 9.00 pm.

For the next date and subject (and to submit your questions), visit the link below.


For all Christians who want to think more clearly and be well equipped for conversations about topical issues and tough questions. The aim is that you can live and speak for Jesus with confidence and humility.


You don't need to be an expert on the subject (or feel confident in talking about it at all!) The aim is to be a learning community where everyone can gain confidence. This means:

  • Content is pitched at a level suitable for any thoughtful Christian - it might stretch you at times, but you won't need to have a degree to understand it. Our speakers are experienced and have read a lot and they'll aim to point you to useful resources to read further.

  • Everyone is welcome to ask questions and to contribute - you'll be sitting around a table with other Christians who also want to learn, so you can ask them whatever questions you have (or just listen in quietly if you prefer). There are no stupid questions! 


At the Centre for Christianity in Society we want to equip Christians to live faithfully and share Christ effectively. Everyday Gospel is a key way to do that by creating a learning community in Belfast.


This programme has become possible because of the generosity of Windsor Baptist Church in giving us the use of its building and the commitment of some of its members to our mission.


The Majestic (home of Windsor Baptist Church), Lisburn Road, Belfast (these are Centre for Christianity in Society events, but they have been made possible by the generosity of Windsor Baptist Chirch in granting use of the building and by volunteers from the Church).

Please note, there is no parking on site, so if you're driving you need to leave a bit of extra time to find on-street parking nearby.


Each date has a theme and our approach will be shaped by questions participants submit in avdance. You can see the next date and subject and subnmit a question here:



The usual format of an evening will be:

  • Get thinking - a short primer on the theme introducing questions people ask.

  • Have a go - individual reflection or, for those who prefer it, discussion at tables in pairs or groups to identify questions (you won't be forced to contribute, so you're still welcome if you just want to listen in)

  • Food for thought - a talk by a speaker from the Centre for Christianity in Society

  • Questions and comments - clarifying, applying and developing on what the speaker said.

You may want to bring a couple of things with you on the night:

a) A notebook and pen (or a way to take digital notes if you prefer)

b) A hot drink (but this must have a lid on it!)

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