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Cancellation Policy

Scope of policy

This policy applies to all charged-for services provided by the Centre for Christianity in Society (CCS below), including courses, conferences and seminars (‘events’ below), unless a cancellation policy specific to an event is in place or the event is a partnership and governed by a partner’s cancellation policy.



Cancellation by the Delegate

If a delegate cancels more than 30 days before the event is due to begin, CCS will issue a full refund of any fees paid to CCS.


If a delegate cancels 30 days or less before the start date:

  • CCS cannot guarantee any refund of fees paid;

  • if appropriate, CCS will transfer the booking to another suitable person suggested by the delegate (this may not be possible if references are required and there is insufficient time to receive them before the start date of the event);

  • if possible, CCS will attempt to re-sell the place and if this is successful, the amount received will be refunded to the delegate up to and not exceeding the amount originally paid, minus any administrative charges incurred by CCS;

  • if the place cannot be re-sold or the booking transferred, CCS will refund to the delegate any amount of the fees paid that is recoverable to the organisation once amounts paid to third party service providers and the cost of CCS staff time has been deducted.



Cancellation by Centre for Christianity in Society

If unforeseen circumstances cause CCS to cancel an event:

  • all delegates will be informed as soon as possible;

  • a full refund will be made of any fees paid to CCS.

CCS can accept no responsibility for travel, accommodation or other costs incurred by delegates and guests.  We recommend that delegates source personal insurance to cover such losses.

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