No dates for either course are currently scheduled.  Our next course will be offered online and we are currently assessing interest in which course to run and how best to deliver it.  Please click the button above to register your interest and indicate your availability.



We have developed two Graceful Apologetics courses which can be taken in either order. 


  • Apologetics Foundations - helps participants develop confidence in their faith and sharing it persuasively with others on a firm biblical basis.  Content includes:

    • The nature of and biblical basis for Graceful Apologetics

    • Skills for conversational apologetics

    • Confidence in Scripture and in Christ

    • Understanding and engaging other worldviews

  • Engaging Issues course - explores six important issues, providing a biblical perspective on each and equipping participants to connect the gospel with people who differ in their beliefs.  Issues covered are:

    • The existence of God

    • The problem of suffering

    • The enigma of human experience

    • The exclusivity of Christianity

    • Sexuality and gender

    • The resurrection of Christ


Each course consists of six weeks of material, with two hours of interactive teaching, including time for Q&A and group discussion, each week.



The Centre for Christianity in Society team with guests



There is no fixed charge for these courses, but we suggest a donation to the Centre of £50 (60€ or 65$) per person in employment or £30 (35€ or 40$) for students and unemployed.  If you are unable to pay, we still welcome you join as we want to train as many people in apologetics as possible.




Any Christian believer wanting to increase knowledge and develop skills in sharing their faith with others and answering questions about faith while focusing on the character of grace we need to be effective in presenting the gospel. Material is accessible whatever your level of experience and education.



If you have any other queries about the course, please contact us.

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