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We offer seminars to equip on a wide range of subjects in the areas of apologetics, ethics and all contemporary issues.

Our seminars are Christ-centred, Bible based and gospel-shaped and include space for questions, often with discussion around tables. They aim to equip Christians to live and speak faithfully and to be accessible to non-Christians who want to understand what Christians believe and why.

We are available to provide seminars at conferences and for churches and other organisations. We also run regular seminars in Belfast through our Everday Gospel programme.


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This course will help you understand:

  • Current law on abortion in NI and how we got here;

  • God's design for unborn children as seen in Scripture and science;

  • The implications of abortion for society;

  • Why the 'hard cases' (rape/incest and fetal abnormalities) do not justify abortion;

  • How Christians can stand, serve and speak in response to abortion.0


Our standard format is a 40-minute talk followed by Q&A for 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Assisted dying and euthanasia

  • Christianity among world religions

  • Caring for the environment

  • Evidence for the Resurrection

  • Faith and science

  • Gender and sexuality

  • God and money

  • Health and faith

  • Human uniqueness and dignity

  • Reliability of the Bible

  • Sharing your faith in conversations

  • Uniqueness of Christ

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